Hangzhou ming xin hydrogen peroxide co., LTD. Was established in November 2007, is located in the hangzhou great river east industrial concentration area, with a registered capital of 38.69 million yuan, is a company specializing in the production of industrial grade and food grade hydrogen peroxide and disinfectant products of high-tech enterprises. Products are widely used in chemical, textile, paper, military industry, electronics, food, environmental protection and other industries. After two phases of construction, the capacity of hydrogen peroxide has reached 230,000 tons since June 2018, making it the main hydrogen peroxide producer in zhejiang province.




Tel:0571 82988050 0571 86617799 - 6596(6659、6693、6695)0571 86631891
Zip code:311228Fax:0571 82988050
Address:No. 9936, hongxv road, east linjiang industrial park, dajiang city

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